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KEY SIGNS of the Very Last Days

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“Lord, what is the sign of the last days?”

He answered “Like I have already told you there will be great famine and signs. People will hate each other, strife will increase, and they will love money more than they love Me.” “Ummm…that is already stated in the bible. I already know about this since you have mentioned it in your Word (Matt 24). What I am asking is, ummm, I am very curious the specific sign right before the rapture?” I asked .



“Do you remember the vision I had shown you before? That will be the sign of how the last days will be coming.” In 2006, around the month of December, Jesus showed me the scene as the rapture occurred. At that time, during my prayer, I saw the blue sky. I then saw a very beautiful white cumulous cloud in the sky. After awhile, some people on the earth gathered as small groups, I saw silhouette in the form of groups. Then at the same time, they were sucked up into the cloud. As I was looking, I was wondering but instantly, I knew it was the rapture!! During this vision, I was in amazement, full of joy and in deep emotions. After the Lord showed it to me, the Lord commanded me to write it all down and so I did.


TITHING shown in HEAVEN & HELL Testimonies



Pay attention to my words as you keep and do what My words say. But above all, you must practice and walk in love. Love will overcome all things. It is all about Love. Satan and his demons cannot overcome love. It does not matter how strong they are, they cannot overcome Love and they will retreat. When the time of My coming approaches, My servants who were awake and praying will know (spiritually) in advance and they will prepare and be prepared. I will help you. I will pour down great power and faith on you to help you. You must put in every effort to gather together and pray. Those who are standing alone will easily fall. You must tremble with reverence. Strive and put every effort to pray. I was out of breath and had to stop for a moment.



Currently, much of it is already happening here and there in. But when that time comes, within almost the same time, the natural calamities will occur all throughout the earth. When the lord said heaven and earth will be darkened, he meant the time of spiritual darkness will occur right before the Great Tribulation. In another words, the rushing water of latter day rain falling down like a waterfall which is the holy spirit will be finished! Therefore, even before the Tribulation occurs, we must store up (accumulate) our holy spirit anointing into our souls as much as possible (like the 5 wise virgins who were ready when the Lord came).


3. FALLING AWAY: “Those who were seeking Me will betray me!”

If we stay awaken and pray unceasingly, we will have victory. This means that when spiritual darkness comes, those who confessed to believe in Me with their lips will leave Me and will returned to the world. Those who will fall away are ones who were not baptised by the power of Holy Spirit. During the time of spiritual darkness, we will witness MUCH MORE homosexuality. They will be everywhere. They will be easily seen and recognized. The Lord told me not to become deluded and to always be in a awaken state by praying unceasingly.



When God commands us to pray, it means Victory has already been prepared. Therefore, when the Lord asks us to pray, all we have to do is pray in obedience. There are two things required to overcome and have victory during the times of spiritual darkness. They are God’s word and Love. Love overcomes all things. We must meditate on the Lord who is Love. We must do all things with love. We must always check ourselves and discern if our actions are grounded in love. We must do all things with love. Since word is our weapon, we must read as many times as we can.


KEY SIGNS of the Very Last Days _ Pastor So Ri Park



The Lord told me to tell all those who are continuously praying and awaken. He said that He will disclose the time of His coming on an individual basis when the time is near. Of course, the time and day will not be known. But to those who God has appointed for rapture, God will let them know in advance. It is in the same manner for awakened Christians who prays unceasingly, they tend to know their time of death in advance as it draws near. As a result, they would prepare for the day of their departure from this earth. Peter and Paul was such men who knew their time had come.

2 Peter 1:14-15  “because I know that I will soon put it aside, as our Lord Jesus Christ has made clear to me. And I will make every effort to see that after my departure you will always be able to remember these things.”

2 Timothy 4:6  “For I am already being poured out like a drink offering, and the time for my departure is near.”



From this wicked world, the Lord’s children will unite with one another and will perform ministries that are all connected. Laboring under His ministries, we will encourage and intercede with one another to intertwine our power and strength. During the ministries of individuals or groups, God will lead His individual brides to other prepared brides (individuals or groups). We are all laborers to work with each other. God will unexpectedly lead His brides to one another. Every individual will build up the body of Christ from their position and God will make us to exert great power.

Ephesians 4:16(AMP)  “For because of Him the whole body (the church, in all its various parts), closely joined and firmly knit together by the joints and ligaments with which it is supplied, when each part [with power adapted to its need] is working properly [in all its functions], grows to full maturity, building itself up in love.

Hebrews 10:25 Not forsaking or neglecting to assemble together [as believers], as is the habit of some people, but admonishing (warning, urging, and encouraging) one another, and all the more faithfully as you see the day approaching.

Tremble in reverence for your salvation. But do not fear or worry for the Lord has promised us that He will help us. In that day, if a conceited stubborn brethren does not mingle with other brethren but live his/her Christian life alone, he/she will be in great trouble. When the Lord walked the earth, the world was already wicked and obscene but now after 2000 years later, it is even more wicked and obscene. Satan is not stupid. Even the enemy knows how to gather their power and strength together conspiring to lead the children of God to hell! How much more do we need to be together? If you like to stand or work alone, it is very dangerous. Pray with all your effort.



Before the Great tribulation, many people will have a different understanding and interpretation of when the rapture may occur. I want you to receive this message by faith. The timing of the rapture is not as important than being prepared. The important question before the Lord calls us is, ‘Am I ready to be rapture?’ This is the what the Lord helped me realize is more important. Being ready is more important.

If you carefully review what is before, you will realize all the words written in here are consistent with what is written in the bible. In other words, these are the words that God has been telling us for thousands of years. Therefore, God is continuously telling us that we must stand firm on His Word. Continuously reading and firmly living in the Word keeps us safe on the path to salvation.


The Coming of an Easterner Is Prophesied in Centuries
The Coming of an Easterner Is Prophesied in Centuries _ hisfu.co



The small man appeared to be in his middle ages. They held one hand with each other raising both their arms in the air as they were brightly smiling. They were standing on a stage together. As I was witnessed this scene, I thought to myself of two countries in political alliance with one another. In the scene, I saw a tall Arab man wearing a white cloth gutra that had a igal around his head and was standing next to a very small man.

The gutra and igal is a traditional headdress such as the Saudi’s wear. When several days had passed, the Lord showed me another scene. The Lord had brought this back to my memory and He now He was showing me another scene. But I did not consider this scene of much importance. I let it pass my mind. However, the Lord is now allowing me to reminisce what I had saw in the vision. “Ah..Ah..”




9. WAR

On my right side, I saw what appeared to be a soldier wearing a military cap. He was standing with the view of his side. Within that instance, I knew he was Chinese. He was a soldier at war. To my left, I saw another scene. There were troops standing in front of one another as they faced each other. They were firing machine guns at each other but it felt as though the bullets were missiles. The two sides were engaged fiercely in combat. Just recently, the Lord had given me some words in regards to China.

He told me that Chinese Christians will be used for missionary work in Israel but at the same time, the Chinese people would also be vessels for Satan. In other words, Chinese Christians from China will be used as missionaries in Israel and they will experience spiritual warfare similar to the vision above. On the flip side, or from the Chinese government’s perspective, they will be an adversary to Israel.

After I had witnessed all the scenes, Jesus continued to speak. When I first saw the vision as stated above, I was a bit doubtful within my mind. ‘Who would fight in such a way in modern times. They stood formed in one line against each other and began to shot each other” But now I understood what the vision meant after the Lord explained it as a spiritual battle.




“Just as you saw in the vision, during the last moments before the rapture, there will be an alliance with China and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). They will raise a war against Israel. And they will fight against Israel. This is the sign of the last days.” 


Author Pastor So Ri Park

Source: https://christiscoming777.com

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