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Our site is not responsible for the warranties of the author upon submission of the article that the same is his or her original work, that the facts therein are accurate, and that the contents are truthful.

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3. Confidentiality of Information

Writers are required to submit their name and email address when publishing their work. However, all information about the writer is confidential and will not be used for commercial purposes. If any of the information has been breached, parties are requested to contact the site immediately so that the proper measures can be taken. Any theft of identity is punishable by law.

4. Liability of Writers will not bear responsibility for any criticism from readers on any of the published articles. Views or opinions contained in the published articles are solely those of the authors’ and do not represent the site. does not accept articles which promote hate, violence, pornography and any other written work which promotes illegality and criminality, including those which may be offensive to certain individuals or to society, in general.

5. Special Notices on Articles as Authority for Content only hosts articles that are published on its website. All articles are created to give out information only even if the writer is an expert on the field.
Articles that tend to give medical advice or information are not to be considered as a substitute for professional medical advice. Our site does not guarantee the expertise of the author on medical-related content. Any health-related information endorsing particular types of treatment or medication is not warranted as true by the site. is also not liable for the accurateness of information. It is always best to seek advice from licensed professionals who have expertise on the field.

6. Agreement

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