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Shambala: The capital city of Agartha


These official Nazi maps and documents confirm the existence of Agartha — an entire world inside our planet. One of the most interesting question many people have asked for centuries is whether there is a possibility that our planet is hollow?



1. Agartha: the legend that fascinated the Nazis

Adolf Hitler’s obsession with the occult is world famous. He always tried, in his years as the highest authority of the Third Reich, to find legendary relics to which to entrust the fate of what, supposedly, would be the Reich of a thousand years. Thus, Hitler became obsessed with the search for objects such as the Holy Grail or the Ark of the Covenant, but also with places impossible to find. There were places associated with the Nazi occult and from which Hitler and his followers believed the “magnificent” Aryan race came from. Thus, we embarked on a journey to Agartha, Atlantis or Hyperborea.


Shambala: The capital city of Agartha


Agartha, also called Agharti or Agarta, is a place that, according to followers of esotericism and believers of the famous Hollow Earth, is located under the Gobi desert. But, let us start at the beginning. The Hollow Earth is, for many, a theory that says that, in the innermost layers of our planet, there are no volcanic rocks or magma, but people; thus, there would be super-developed civilizations inside the earth’s subsoil. On the other hand, the Gobi desert (which really exists), is a vast area that lies between northern China and southern Mongolia. Despite incessant efforts to find Agartha or validate the theory of its existence, there is simply no evidence that a trip to Agartha is possible.

1.1. The origin of the myth

Agartha is a myth, as is Atlantis or El Dorado. However, it is not as popular as these two cities that we mentioned and that have been sought by many people throughout history. How many have not perished trying to find the civilization that a cataclysm made disappear? How many have not tried to search Plato’s writings for clues about a land that no one has ever seen? The same happens with El Dorado, a city made entirely of gold and that treasure hunters from all over the world tried to find, without success.

But where does the belief in this “fantastic land” come from, which the Nazis called home? Well, the Nazis believed that the Aryan race came from elsewhere. Come on, they believed themselves superior and that superiority was not a coincidence. According to the most radical Nazis, the Aryans came from elsewhere. Although it is not known very well where they wanted to belong, some said that Atlantis or Agartha, to name a few examples, but, in reality, there was a long string of mythological cities from which they claimed to come. The myth of Agartha gained special importance in the 1950s thanks to the Italian Amadeo Giannini, however, a forerunner of this land was Jules Verne. Probably in his famous work, Journey to the Center of the Earth, from 1864.




But, it is possible that the myth of Agartha appeared long before Jules Verne, specifically, in 1665. This would be thanks to the work of Athanasius Kircher, Mundus subterraneus, quo universae denique naturae divitiae. Around 1692, Sir Edmund Halley published the theory of the existence of a hollow earth. But this was not random. Halley formulated his theory after working with Isaac Newton on the Earth’s magnetism. In fact, Newton, Kepler or Boyle (reputed scientists), supported Halley’s theory. According to him, there were, at the center of the earth, three concentric cones with a lava center that, for them, was a sun.

1.2. What would a trip through Agartha be like?

The most curious thing is that Agartha is not a myth. It is not just a city but it even houses several continents and cities within it. According to Madame Blavatsky, a Russian writer and occultist, a journey through Agartha is to immerse yourself in a new world. For her, Agartha is made up of continents, oceans, mountains and even rivers. The main city of Agartha would be Shambhala; and there would be about a hundred underground colonies very close to the surface. These cities are known, in popular culture, as Red Agartha. A surprise! Taking into account that the Russians were enemies of the Nazis and Hitler believing the theories of a Ukrainian writer.

The natives of this Agartha Network would have a very spiritual life based on the teachings of Melchizedek. Don’t you know who this character is? For it appears in the Book of Genesis as King of Salem, who blessed the biblical Abraham. According to this Ukrainian writer, each city of Agartha would have around a million inhabitants, except for Telos, located on Mount Shasta; this city would reach a million and a half inhabitants.

On your trip to Agartha you could find inhabitants of different races (within these, the Aryan). In turn, the inhabitants of Agartha come (according to these theories, of course), from the Gondwana continent which, curiously, has already disappeared. On the other hand we would meet the people that Brad Steiger describes in his book The hole in the Earth, myth or reality. According to this author, there was an ancient race, the oldest, who were highly intelligent and scientifically advanced. This race would have populated our planet millions of years ago, but, it would have moved to the deepest layers of the Earth. Here, this race would have decided to establish their civilization.

The race described by Steiger would be made up of incredibly intelligent and long-lived hominids, predecessors of homo sapiens and with an age of more than a million years (compared to sapiens). The oldest would be a tribe that remains in the deepest strata of our planet, far from the surface, but that, from time to time, decide to visit the Earth that we know today to make contributions.

If you think you’ve heard enough, we tell you that the inhabitants of Agartha live around 400 and 800 years and, in addition, they are about four meters high, approximately. And, of course, they can communicate by telepathy and have ultra-developed technology.



1.3. Boarding for Agartha

The funny thing about the trip to Agartha is the way to do it. If you like fantasy and science fiction books, you will know that mythological places are reached through unconventional places. To reach the center of the Earth, according to Jules Verne, it would be necessary to do it through a volcano in Iceland; well, and to get to Hogwarts (although not mythological, but fiction), it was enough to get to King’s Cross in London , and cross platform 9 and 3/4. For Agartha it is more complicated than this.

According to the same Russian writer, the trip to this mysterious continent can be done in several ways. To access you could do it through the Amazon jungle, but you would find quite aggressive natives; You could also access from Siberia, in Russia or through the Gobi desert. The Andes mountain range would also be an entrance to Agartha, but not any part of the mountain range, but between Argentina and Chile; or by the Himalayan mountain range, but more specifically in Tibet. Within the strangest doors of Agartha we find the legs of the Sphinx of Egypt or the Caves of the Tayos, in Ecuador.

1.4. The Nazi Search for Agartha

Adolf Hitler will be remembered, forever and ever, as one of the greatest criminals in human history. Besides, of course, being a lousy painter and a man with a peculiar mustache. But, also for being a fanatic who believed everything they told him. And it is that he believed so many things that, in fact, he started a raid through Spain to find the Holy Grail; specifically, his troops went to the Monserrat Monastery in search of him.

For this was not the only “mythological” raid the Führer ordered. In 1938, Hitler sent a Nazi expedition to Tibet, under the orders of Ernst Schäfer. The expedition consisted of twenty Schutzstaffel or SS soldiers, five German sages, and the ideologue and esotericist Frederick Hilscher. Hilscher, curiously, was the person in charge of a society that was in charge of studying the science of the spirit or inheritance of the ancestors, called Ahnenerbe. The objective of this mission was for the Nazis to establish contact with the inhabitants of Agartha. We do not know whether or not the Nazis found the entrance to Agartha (we believe not); But the result of his mission led a commune of Tibetan monks to settle in Berlin and even defend it during the Red Army attack in 1945.



2. The Prophecies Of Shambhala

The legend of Shambhala can be found within the teachings of the Kalachakra, or “cycles of time,” of Tibetan Buddhism. It is a “Pure Land,” a circular city in the shape of a lotus flower, that exists in a space between the physical and spiritual, perhaps within another dimension. It’s capital is known as Kalapa, which is located at the very center of the realm, where the King of the World awaits on his throne. According to Buddhist teachings, this paradise is only accessible to those with pure intentions and “karmic association.”

Of course, many have attempted to locate Shambhala — most believe it lies within Inner Asia, perhaps in the Himalayas, or within an “etheric plane” somewhere in the Gobi Desert. Roerich himself claimed an entrance to Shambhala was connected via an underground passage to Lhasa, the capital of Tibet. But Nicholas Roerich wasn’t the only one to seek entry into Shambhala; it is said the Nazis sought aid from the mythical city during their many expeditions to Tibet in the 1930s.

As far as the rest of us know, it was never found. We are left, then, with only a prophecy:

When our world is engulfed in war and suffering, and all is lost, it is said the King of the World will rise from within Shambhala, along with a great army, and eradicate the darkness from the Earth. An age of peace and prosperity will follow.




2.1. Shambala and Buddhism

Shambala is a Sanskrit word that means a “place of peace” or a “place of silence.” It is mentioned in Buddhist and Hindu texts. In Buddhism, Shambala is specifically mentioned in the Kalachakra Tantra as a unique place that exists within our own planet. “Shambala is a kingdom where humanity’s wisdom is spared from the destructions and corruptions of time and history, ready to save the world in its hour of need,” a commentary of the Kalachakra Tantra states.

Traditional Buddhists believe the place to exist somewhere in the Himalayan/Tibetan region. According to Tibetan beliefs, Shambala is guarded by unique beings with immense supernatural powers. Some have reported seeing them. People who search for Shambala are said to either end up discovering the place or perish in the process. Those who succeed choose to remain in Shambala, cut off from the rest of the world.

Shambala is also mentioned in Hindu mythology as the birthplace of the 10th avatar of Lord Vishnu. Named Kalki, the incarnation is prophesied to appear on Earth when evil reaches its peak. The avatar will destroy all wicked people and help the surviving good ones to usher in a new golden age that will last for 10,000 years.


Shambala: The Mysterious Inner Earth City Beneath Tibet
Shambala: The Mysterious Inner Earth City Beneath Tibet


2.2. Shambala and Nazis

Shambala being located inside the Earth is also supported by the Hollow Earth Theory, which propounds that our planet is largely hollow, containing significant interior space that might contain vegetation and life forms. However, Buddhists are not the only ones obsessed with the idea of Shambala. The Nazis were so smitten by the concept of a spiritual utopia that they sent several teams in search of the legendary place.

“In the Himalayas, a Tibet expedition in 1938 was intended to produce new findings relating to early Germanic history. The Nazis believed in a Nordic master race that was supposed to have survived the demise of the legendary Atlantis. In Tibet — so the theory goes — these people of Nordic origin are supposed to have constructed the underground realm of Shambalah, traces of which the expedition hoped to find,” according to Above Top Secret.

The expeditionary team apparently came across a surprise in Shambala — a group of extraterrestrials. The beings refused to cooperate with the Nazi war efforts. Instead, the extraterrestrials offered to travel to Germany to help people in their spiritual development. This is believed to have led to the establishment of the Vril society, an occult group.

One of Buddhism’s highest figures, the Dalai Lama, believed that only those with a pure mind could visit Shambala. “Although those with special affiliation may actually be able to go there through their karmic connection, nevertheless it is not a physical place that we can actually find. We can only say that it is a pure land, a pure land in the human realm. And unless one has the merit and the actual karmic association, one cannot actually arrive there,” he said in a 1985 speech (Ancient Code).


Shambala: The Mysterious Inner Earth City Beneath Tibet


3. Nazi Maps and Documents to Agartha Confirm the Hollow Earth

For many years it was believed that the earth was hollow, but even though many have come up with theories, until 1968 there was no proof. That year, pictures taken by a satellite orbiting Earth clearly showed a gaping hole located at the North Pole; enough evidence to support the hollow Earth theory according to many.



We have read about the legendary stories about the Nazis who explored the Southern regions of our planet and even creating secret bases in Neuschwabenland. Some also speak about Operation Highjump and Admiral Byrd’s journeys where extremely advanced airships were seen flying around and exploring new territories.

Not long ago, we discovered a map of the third Reich in which there are several secret passages depicted which were used by German U-Boats to access mysterious underground regions, as well as a complete map of both hemispheres and the mysterious kingdom of Agartha.

We have also come across a letter, supposedly written by Karl Unger, who was aboard the German U-Boat 209, commanded by Heinrich Brodda, in which he states that the crew had reached the interior of the Earth and that they did not consider coming back.



And here’s a translation:



The stories above are backed up by maps made by famous cartographer and artist Heinrich C. Berann for the National Geographic Society in 1966. In that map, the Antarctic continent can be observed without its thick layer of ice. But the most intriguing detail are the presence of underwater passages spanning across the entire continent and seem to converge at the exact location which is identified as the opening towards the Hollow Earth or Inner Earth.



Hitler was obsessed with mysticism and the inexplicable, he was very interested in UFO’s and ancient history, and many of his followers knew that and supported him.




The possibility that the earth is hollow, and that it can be accessed through the North and South poles, and that secret civilizations flourish within it, has spurred the imagination of people through centuries. It might just turn out to be true after all, that somehow, and somewhere, there is an access which leads to a completely different world, one that has been kept in secrecy for years.



4. The Gate To Agharta

Perhaps, however, there’s something more to these old stories and prophecies. The book Beasts, Men and Gods by Ferdinand Ossendowski is an interesting memoir of Ossendowski’s experiences in Russia during the Russian Civil War, and his journey into Mongolia. But it’s not an ordinary tale.

In Chapter XLVI, “The Subterranean Kingdom,” he tells of an incident in which his mongol guides stopped suddenly, dismounted their camels and began to pray, repeating the words, “Om! Mani padme Hung!”

When they finished, one of them explained:

“‘Did you see,’ asked the Mongol, ‘how our camels moved their ears in fear? How the herd of horses on the plain stood fixed in attention and how the herds of sheep and cattle lay crouched close to the ground? Did you notice that the birds did not fly…

All living beings in fear are involuntarily thrown into prayer and waiting for their fate. So it was just now. Thus it has always been whenever the King of the World in his subterranean palace prays and searches out the destiny of all peoples on the earth.’”

Later in the book, Ossendowski learns of the “Mystery of Mysteries,” the legend of the Kingdom of Agharti. He’s shown a cave, or “smoking gate,” through which locals claimed an old tribe fled into a “subterranean country.” Finally, after many questions, Ossendowski is granted the truth about this mystical realm of Agharti by the Prince Chultun Beyli:

“In it there is not much of the wonderful. You know that in the two greatest oceans of the east and the west, there were formerly two continents. They disappeared under the water, but their people went into the subterranean kingdom…

There are many different peoples and many different tribes…”

Recently, this strange place at the center of the Earth has come to be known as Agharta or Agartha. Modern myth describes it as a place of technological wonder (including, perhaps, flying saucers), where high priests, scientists and supermen hold incredible power, similar to the civilizations described by the likes of Raymond Bernard and Olaf Jansen.


Beasts, Men and Gods by Ferdinand Ossendowski


Occasionally, Shambhala is referred to as the capital city of Agharta, though this seems to be a purely Western construct. Entrances are said to exist at the Poles, or in caverns and tunnels honeycombed throughout the planet. Some, like Bernard, believe this civilization is composed of the remnants of Lemuria and Atlantis, the two destroyed continents Ferdinand Ossendowski was told of.

Ossendowski was also told that the people of this realm hold the power to, if provoked, “explode the whole surface of our planet and transform it into desert.”

Do these myths and ancient legends of hidden realms and subterranean cities hold any truth? If so, will the Prophecies of Shambhala come to pass?

As they say, time will tell.





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